Receive a custom travel website, branded with your logo. Share it with your supporters and earn a return on their travel. So simple.

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  • The program operates at ZERO-COST to participating nonprofit organizations.
  • You will no longer need to ask your supporters for donations. You simply ask them to complete their travel bookings on your new travel website. The key success to this program is that it involves the redirection of funds which they are spending anyways.
  • We supply marketing materials which your nonprofit can use to keep your supporters informed about your travel site. However, CauseFunders and CauseTravel will never send emails or marketing materials directly to your membership.
  • CauseTravel is powered by Priceline™, so they guarantee the lowest pricing available. They do not raise rates to fund the donations to the schools and nonprofits.
  • Your non-profit has total access to real-time reporting on live bookings and end-of-day reporting on phone and/or reservation bookings. Commissions on paid bookings are automatically paid each month.
  • Your cause receives up to 6% of the gross sale of every purchase fulfilled through the website. No other program has ever come close to commissions of this magnitude on a straight referral fundraiser.


According to Priceline’s™ marketing research, organizations should expect hotel bookings from 5% of their supporters per month, at an average of  $220 a booking. Use the calculator below to determine your nonprofit’s potential revenues per month (based on 6% of sales). Additional services including car rentals, airfare and vacation packages could add to these returns, but are paid at lower rates.


If your supporters find a cheaper rate on their hotel reservation within 24 hours of making a booking with us, CauseTravel will refund 100% of the difference. Terms and a simple claims form are available to supporters on every travel website.


Just complete a simple registration form to create your account. Nothing to purchase, no coding, nothing to pre-buy.  CauseTravel will build your custom travel booking site and have you raising funds for your cause within 72 hours.

Encourage your supporters to redirect
their regular travel bookings to your new site. Our team will work to ensure this is a successful, yet effortless, process.

Earn up to 6% of each booking price
for your good cause and stop worrying about funding. Return to focusing on your nonprofit’s true mission. So simple.


Our team at CauseFunders is available to assist you with implementing the program in your organization, should you require additional support outside of that offered by CauseTravel.

Our backgrounds in marketing, business development and finance enable us to provide this extended level of customer service to your organization. We will do everything we can to ensure the travel website is a successful and effortless source of income for your cause. Services could include but are not limited to:

  • Strategies to combine CauseTravel program promotion with your nonprofit’s regular communications with supporters.
  • Unique solutions to build your organization’s support network.
  • Formation of collaborative, grassroots partnerships with other nonprofits to increase awareness and boost adoption of the program by your community.